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Kidspiration is an educational tool aimed at the children's audience between 4 and 10 years old that is capable of encouraging the learning of different subjects thanks to the use of mental maps and remembrance through voice.

The application can also be used by teachers to create activities related to didactic units explained in class. It has 75 example activities regarding different areas such as verb tenses, tens and units, the yearly seasons, cause-effect relation, etcetera.

Creating a new activity is very easy, it's enough to drag and drop figures to the area on the screen reserved for this purpose. The same occurs when the relationships between the elements is established. Kidspiration includes a 1000 figure collection that can be inserted into the activities to give them a more attractive touch.

The use of the voice synthesiser allows the children to hear the concepts at the same time as they are being written, so the learning is double.

30 day test version.

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